Xiaoying Yang

Welcome to my webpage!

I am a PhD student at UCLA Human-Centered Computing and Intelligent Sensing Lab (HiLab), advised by Prof. Yang Zhang. I received my BEng degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Tongji University, China.

I am interested in techniques that smartens up the environments with self-sustaining, low-cost and low-maintenance sensing and actuating mechanisms.









MiniKers: Interaction-Powered Smart Environment Automation (IMWUT 2022)

Xiaoying Yang, Jacob Sayono, Jess Xu, Jiahao "Nick" Li, Josiah Hester, Yang Zhang

MiniKers is a fleet of environment actuation devices that harness energy from user interactions with everyday objects. 

"Kers" comes from "Kinetic Energy Recovery System" that are widely used in automotive systems for recovering energy under braking.

ForceSight: Non-Contact Force Sensing with Laser Speckle Imaging (UIST 2022)

Siyou Pei, Pradyumna Chari, Xue Wang, Xiaoying Yang, Achuta Kadambi, Yang Zhang

ForceSight is a non-contact force sensing approach using laser speckle imaging. Surface deformations casued by force can be approximted by laser speckle shift.

CubeSense: Wireless, Battery-Free Interactivity through Low-Cost Corner Reflector Mechanisms (CHI 2021 LBW) 

Xiaoying Yang, Yang Zhang

CubeSense is a wireless, battery-free and low-cost sensing system based on corner reflector mechanisms. We designed several controllers by encoding user interactivity (e.g. button press, switch toggle, slider position, knob rotation) into Radar Cross Section (RCS) of corner reflectors.